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Knitted Farmyard - Sarah Keen


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All children love a farmyard – the hens clucking, the sheep baa-ing, the horses neighing, and a tractor in the field… It features in the stories they hear and the nursery rhymes they sing. It’s fascinating to them, and teaches them so much about work, home life, and where our food comes from. So, they’re bound to enjoy these lovely little knitted farmyard characters! You’ll find all their favourite animals, from cows and hens to ponies, lambs and ducks. There’s also the farmers and farm workers to knit, plus a tractor, farmhouse and accessories, such as bales of hay, sacks of grain, apple trees and a scarecrow. All the characters can be played with on the large playmat, which is also included as a pattern. The 25 projects feature best-selling author Sarah Keen’s popular and charming style. They’re durable and washable, using readily available DK yarn. There’s a comprehensive techniques section, too, so beginners will be able to tackle the projects. They make wonderful gifts for little ones, and will provide many hours of fun and educational imaginative play.


ISBN: 9781784945183