Hat's Off 2020 - May Hat

Pink lacy hat viewed from the back

May 18, 2020

Throughout 2020 we are exploring different shapes and knitting styles through the medium of hats. Each month we will have a new, specially-designed hat pattern for £1.50 (£3.00 when its month is up).  This is a great way to try something new. 

May's hat is a super slouchy beanie using a mix of lace and twisted stitches - Spring into Lace.  Worked flat, it's a great way to practice your lace knitting and, since it's made from a a luxurious silk-mix yarn, you get a little bit of a treat too.  We have the pattern available to buy in the shop, along with some kits.  The pattern is also for sale on Ravelry.com.





Pink lacy hat viewed from the side

The previous months' hats are also still available.

Red Beret viewed from the side - Brigid's Beret

Brigid's Beret
Deco Tree Hat
Deco Tree Hat
Rain Beater hat
Rain Beater Hat


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