May and June Challenge - Rainbows

May and June Challenge - Rainbows

May 13, 2020

Our Craft and Chatter challenge for May and June has been inspired by two photos from Becky:

Crocheted Rainbow

Photo by Becky Megaw
Pattern: Rainbow of Unity by Kerry Jayne Designs

Felted heart with rainbow

Photo by Becky Megaw

Rainbows - always a symbol of hope - have also come to symbolise our gratitude and support for medical and other key workers during this lockdown period.

So, our challenge to you is to create something that is a rainbow or is inspired by one.  You can go all out as Becky has, or you can add a rainbow trim to a garment, or make a blanket - the possibilities are endless.  Here are a few ideas taken from

 Child wearing a hat with a rainbow brim

Photo by Cassandra May
Pattern: Rainbow Brim Hat by Cassandra May

Beginners Rainbow Rabbit

Photo by Claire Garland
Pattern: Beginner's Rainbow Rabbit by Claire Garland
Rainbow Sprinkles Blanket
Photo by Susan Carlson
Pattern: Rainbow Sprinkles Blanket by Susan Carlson


In the shop we have lots of yarns you could use for your rainbow such as:

  • Happy Cotton by Sirdar - £1 for a 20g ball and over 40 colours. Why not try these colours for your rainbow: Lippy (789), Freckle (753), Quack (788), Wicket (781), Yacht (786), Princess (798) and Currant Bun (756)

  • Stylecraft Special DK - a perennial favourite at £2.20 for 100g. We also have a limited supply of 50g ball sets in these colours (call or email for details)
    50g balls of Stylecraft Special DK arranged in a rainbow
    • Colours shown: Lipstick (1246), Spice (1711), Saffron (1081), Kelly Green (1826), Empire (1829), Lobelia(1825), Plum(1061)

  •  Sirdar Snuggly DK - £3.50 for 50g
Balls of Sirdar Snuggly DK arranged as a rainbow
    • Colours shown: Ketchup (505), Tangerine (489), Sunshine (500), Whizz (483), Soldier Blue (412), Light Navy (224), Violet (488)

Deb has started work on a Zostera shawl using a lovely skein of EasyKnits Hand-dyed yarn, paired with some sparkly grey: 

Stack of caked yarn - rainbow variegated on top of sparkly grey

What will you make? Share your ideas and progress on social media with hashtags: #cratesrainbowchallenge #crateslockdown