April Challenge - 100g Stash Challenge

April Challenge - 100g Stash Challenge

May 08, 2020

Our Wednesday and Friday Virtual Craft and Chatter sessions have been a great way to keep in touch and preserve our sanity during this lockdown period.  During April we challenged ourselves to do something with our stash. The idea was to take 100g of any kind of yarn we happened to already have in our homes and make something with it - whether knitted, crocheted, woven, pompomed - anything at all!

Deb started off with a pile of 4ply leftovers and turned them into a cowl.  

 Half-finished knitting with various small balls of teal yarn Teal cowl on a mannequin

Pattern: A Verse in Colour by Stephanie Shiman from Ravelry.

She then took another bunch of smaller scraps and started making granny squares.  This turned out to create quite an obsession since these quick little squares made the leftover sock yarn really sing.  200g later she ran out of scraps and has a stack of over 40 squares.  These are now waiting for some more socks to be finished. One day they might make a blanket or maybe even a funky garment.

 Crocheted granny square in variegated blue yarn Crocheted granny square in browns and blues

Trish made a pair of socks (below), as did Irena, who also made a beautiful shawl.  Sandy worked on a headband and Claire made two cowls:

 Trish's 100g stash challenge socks Irena's pink shawl made from 100g of yarn
Pink cowl knitted by Claire Grey Cowl knitted by Claire

As an impromptu challenge this was a fun way to show our ingenuity and creativity.  Why not share yours with us on social media? Use hashtags #100gstashchallenge and #crateslockdown