WoollyAway - Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing

A knitting and crochet retreat for crafters of all levels, brought to you by The Crochet Chain and Crates of Wool.

Dates: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2024
with the option to add Friday night B&B.  Or just come along for the daytime events and our Saturday night meal and sleep at home with our Day Delegate Option.

How much would I have to pay and when?

A £100 non-refundable deposit is payable on booking.  

The balance is due on or before 1st August 2024.  Any bookings placed after this time will be payable in full at the time of booking.

 Options Deposit Balance due
Total payable
Room to yourself - Saturday night only,
plus all workshops and meals (as detailed below)
£100 £365 £465

Room to yourself - Friday and Saturday nights,
plus all workshops and meals (as detailed below)

£100 £455 £555
Shared Room - Saturday night only, plus all workshops and meals (as detailed below) - price is per person £100 £335 £435

Shared Room - Friday and Saturday nights, plus all workshops and meals (as detailed below) - price is per person

£100 £385 £485
Day Delegate rate
All workshops and meals excluding breakfast
£100 £290 £390


Can I share a bedroom with a friend?

Yes, shared room rates are shown above.  We cannot match you with another person wanting a shared room, sadly, but if two friends book together and wish to share a bedroom, the shared rates apply.

What meals are provided?

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday evening meal, mid-morning and afternoon snacks, tea, coffee and water.

For people booking to stay in the hotel, breakfast is included.

Can you cater for my dietary needs?

Manor of Groves provides all meals and refreshments and are very experienced in dietary matters.  We will ask you about any special dietary needs you have which will be passed onto the hotel and used in planning our menu.

Are all rooms accessible?

Our conference rooms are located on the ground floor with level access from the car park.  The majority of rooms are accessed via a lift.  We will ensure those who need accessible rooms are allocated accessible rooms.

Do I have to attend workshops?

We hope you will want to attend the workshops which we have chosen with care, but if you wish to just relax in the hotel or its grounds, you are free to do so.

What happens after I pay my deposit?

You will receive a email within 3 working days welcoming you to the retreat - please contact shop@cratesofwool.co.uk or phone us on 01920 463436 if the mail doesn't arrive.  In the email we will ask various questions, including which package you wish to book and whether you have any special dietary or mobility needs. We use this information to allocate bedrooms and for menu planning.

Closer to the retreat date you will receive questions about which workshop(s) you wish to attend, your Saturday night dinner choices and some useful information about what to bring with you.

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Reservations for September 2024 are now OPEN.

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